Yosvany Terry

This was a much anticipated main stage performance from Yosvany Terry who actually played two dates for the 2013 San Jose Jazz Festival. The Cuban Born alto saxophonist and percussionist bought his mix of Cuban Afro jazz along with a post bop era sound that ignited the audience with electrifying rhythms and strong avant-garde beats. Stanford Ca. is a city within the city of Palo Alto but better known to all as Stanford University which has one of America’s great jazz education programs. Yosvany has worked with Stanford’s program for quite a few years. Not only is Yosvany a fantastic artist, but he’s a composer, and educator with numerous discography to his credit. I mention somewhere else on my site, perhaps the welcome page that my intentions are to photograph some of the up and coming jazz artist who may someday become the next legends. When I listen to Yosvany I feel like I’m listening to a new generation of bands and voices, it’s quite pleasant! When we expand our listening pleasures we are receptive to new and exciting sounds, and this can only be the beginning of great musical things to come.

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