When it comes to places to hear the greatest jazz artist of our era, where do we go? Well I’m gonna go out on a limb and say many cities will claim that their venues have the best seating arrangement, size, history, best artist lineup, etc. which may or may not be true. Bottom line is I’ll be first in line to hear a good musician play in their closet if that’s the only place they’ll play. I’m from California and currently living in San Jose “Silicon Valley” with San Francisco as a backyard. In my younger days the coolest venues where Harry’s in Berkeley; Keystone Corner in Berkeley and San Francisco; The Hyatt Regency San Francisco and tons of other’s. Today is no different, plenty of jazz joints from known venues to hotel and fine restaurants throughout the entire Bay Area. So who is the top cat venue best of the best, in my humble opinion it would have to be Yoshi’s of Oakland Ca and San Francisco. Over the years every Jazz Master has played their at least once with most more than a few times. Jazz venues throughout the US is here for us to explore when we’re away from home and need to find a place to hear some great jazz players.