Ugetsu Project June 14th 2013

The Summer Fest series at the San Pedro Square Market on June 14th 2013 was a night of remembrance not only from great sounds produced from Anton Schwartz’s incredible tenor sax, but the project from which it was dedicated too. On June 16, 1963, Art Blakey‘s sextet, having recently returned from a tour of Japan, played a concert at the world-famous Birdland in New York. The concert was recorded and issued as the album Ugetsu (which means “fantasy” in Japanese). It is one of the finest recordings Blakey ever made, featuring brilliant performances and compositions by the legendary members of the band, which included Wayne Shorter, Cedar Walton and Freddie Hubbard.

Anton Schwartz’s  sextet featured a cast of  accomplished gentlemen from Mike Olmos “trumpet” John Gove “trombone” Adam Shulman “piano” Mike Bordelon “bass” Greg Wyser-Pratte “drums” and Anton Schwartz “tenor sax”

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