The Cookers

The most notable jazz ensemble for this years San Jose Jazz Festival was The Cookers. This septet is a group of veterans whose experience spans many decades and individually as well as collectively have recorded some of the most dynamic compositions. There was an album titled ‘The Cooker’ by legendary trumpeter Lee Morgan released on the iconic label Blue Note in 1958. Also legendary trumpeter Freddie Hubbard ┬áreleased an album with Blue Note records entitled ‘the Night Of ┬áThe Cookers’ in 1965 from which they take their name. Both albums included a stellar cast of artist. I can remember the term cooking from a slang term meaning you working it and used to hear people say it often when I was younger. One can only ascertain that both uses here also means the same thing. So when a friend who didn’t see the Cookers asked how was the set, I replied, they definitely were cookin’. The septet included Cecil Mcbee (b), Billy Harper (ts) George Cables (p) Craig Handy (as,fl) David Weiss (tr) Dr. Eddie Henderson (tr) Billy Hart (dr) * I had the pleasure of meeting and having a cocktail with Eddie Henderson in small club in Oakland Ca. over thirty years ago, it indeed was a pleasure!

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