Smooth Jazz

Smooth Jazz also known as Adult Contemporary could be heard in many musicians work in the 70’s. Many of the CTI label included lots of smooth rhythmic melodies from George Benson to David Sanborn. However, most noticeably in later years by leading instruments of soprano sax from Kenny G, George Howard, and Najee etc. Pianist from Joe Sample to Keiko Matsui were also among this musical movement. Smooth Jazz wasn’t expected to survive because larger broadcast media outlets refused to play this non jazz traditional sound and therefor its survival relied on much smaller broadcasting outlets with a much dedicated audience.

There is a place for this rich and refreshing  (smooth jazz)  music genre, and I for one being a traditionalist will not impede its thoroughfare to find its place in music history. I believe the best music is always the sounds that inspire and lift ones being to heights and places that even if for one single moment can be a lifetime of enjoyment!