John Coltrane

Featured Jazz Masters is a compilation of various artist playing some of their most recognized recordings: Here in the San Francisco Bay Area one of my favorite jazz radio station is KCSM 91.1 which is pretty much the go to jazz station of choice. Once Clifford Brown Jr., yes the son of trumpet extraordinaire Clifford Brown Sr. who was a jazz DJ was conducting a survey on what ten albums you would want if you were on a desert island. The show also included if you could pick one of the ten now, which album would it be. This was a time when celebrity artist that were playing locally would stop in for a brief interview to talk about their new album or invite you with free tickets as guest to whatever venue they were playing.

I remember making my list of ten once and actually listening to all ten albums of my selection and sticking to them. This was by far the hardest choice I ever made concerning music and all because of a radio personality asking people to make this hard choice. While listening everyday to the show you could hear the lists of others that called to tell their top ten and number one. That desert Island top ten fantasy took off like a video going viral today. Listening to other peoples top ten made you want to change yours two or three times a day, but I stuck to mine simply because in reality there is no top ten, not to mention a top one! I was listening one day at work when Branford Marsalis was the guest and said it was way to hard for him to select a top ten and remember Clifford Brown Jr cracking up about it. Branford said his number one desert Island album would be John Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme” which made me crack up as well because it was in my top ten, but I selected “My Favorite Things” as my number one. Who would have thought, one of my all time favorite Young Guns would be digging the same as me, or vice versa!

On a side bar: Have every wanted to see the notes that Coltrane plays while he’s playing? Check out “Giant Steps” the third album from the left of the menu.