Joe Henderson

Featured Jazz Masters is a compilation of various artist playing some of their most recognized recordings. I was hanging out one evening in San Francisco 1978 in the North Beach area with a good looking chick at my side. We strolled and popped our heads into just about any place that was open. We turned a corner and checked out Keystone Corner jazz venue, there wasn’t anything big happening in there so we split and found ourselves strolling Columbus street again when I noticed this cat chilling at a open sidewalk table with his back to me and this chick on the opposite side. It wasn’t no big deal until I passed them looking at her and smiling while I gently nodded. She was checking out Karen too, my girl.

I don’t know what made me turn back around as I passed them but I did, and Viola’, the dude was Joe Henderson. I damn near tripped over myself talking a double look at him. I wasted no time backing up to introduce myself to this iconic Jazz Master. He and is date were very hospitable and asked us to join them. I sat my girl down and took a chair myself and proceeded to introduce ourselves to them. In less than two minutes I must have told Joe how many albums I had, what my favorites tunes where, what was the first album I had bought etc. But the biggest question I had for him was why did Hadley Caliman play the title track of your album Canyon Lady? I know that other artists play on albums but I never heard another artist play the title track before. He smiled and said I wanted Hadley to play it. That’s just plain badass!!!