Horn Crop a 584

Recently and just before I put this site together I decided to compile all my photographs over the last ten years including film of course. To my surprise I realized that the images where of numerous genres with a significant number of them from my travels to other countries abroad. The street life images allowed me to reach deep inside myself and explore the joyful youth at play and the painful acknowledgement of the down trodden. From Switzerland to France to Amsterdam the cityscape’s are incredible. The Great Wall and Tienanmen Square of China will leave you breathless. The sights and sounds of Japan, Thailand, and Hong Kong will never allow you to sleep as they become like the calling of a Siren.

I’ve photographed portraits of people and became published in several magazines with my fashion runway work. Planes, boats, cars, and trains are excellent photography subjects as well as architecture and old abandoned buildings. I took a close look at my ability to photograph sports of all types and realize I actually have the tools and understanding to get those money shots. However, when I look at images of musicians playing an array of instruments I realize the infinite possibilities that can consume a photographer and create difficult challenges. I welcome the challenges that lie ahead and welcome my choice to capture performing musicians as my respected photographic genre.