Les McCann & Javon Jackson

Compared To What? This composition in 1969 recorded by Les McCann featuring Eddie Harris was an international hit. The lyrics where real and unfettered while resonating with a nation. I remember me hearing this track on the radio growing up at least once every couple of hours for what may have been months. I never could make out all the lyrics other than a few and (tryin’ to make it real – compared to what?) which obviously was the incredible hook for the song. You however can get the lyrics for this iconic tune from this link. Unfortunately time waits for no one and age will partake us all, if we’re lucky enough. I wish I could have more shots of Les but because of his health and being wheelchair mobile on stage he could say or sing a few words of his iconic masterpiece all the images would be identical, but I love the images of him I’ve taken. Hammond B3 jazz fusion master Dr. Lonnie smith was also on with the group.

With all do respect, I was looking forward to seeing tenor sax-man Javon Jackson with much anticipation. I know Javon has been on stage with serious Hugh names among us for sometime now. I once saw an Art Blakey saxophonist playing tenor and running all over his chosen chords and scales in one of the most profound solo’s I ever heard without a single change in his facial expression. Javon Jackson is this type of player, he was all over his instrument fully bringing you into his world of chords and incredible changes. But his body and facial expression hardly flinched, so masterful but so classical.

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