Joel Behrman

The Joel Behrman sextet was a real surprise for those that caught this performance indoors at the luxurious Fairmont Hotel’s Cisco Silicon Valley Stage. The Fairmont is known in general for great jazz sets throughout the year in their massive open bar seating area as well the their Pogoda room. I wasn’t aware of Joel’s talent but I read his bio and clearly made a point to put him on my calendar. Formerly with Tower of Power front man Lenny Williams and K.C. and the Sunshine band but decided to follow his roots back to jazz, why not, after all he is from St. Louis! Other stints included playing with Natalie Cole, Bobby Mcferrin, Boz Scags and a host of others.

As one of the press photographers for San Jose Jazz Festival I’m not just looking for known names, I’m looking for names that will become known. Albeit one of the known players in this sextet is bassist Marcus Shelby, all other’s were a fresh experience led by Joel himself. On tenor sax and working the hell out of his instrument was Howard Wiley in his early 30’s. I came to find out later he was jamming and leading a group at age 12. I also found out this cat is from the San Francisco East Bay Area. Now that’s cool, because I will be looking to hear more of him.

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