Grace Kelly

A friend of mine who was out of town and not able to make this years festival told me to check out this female Japanese sax player, arranger, band leader, vocalist, and the youngest person to be voted to Down Beat Magazine’s Critics Poll at age 16. I say man I got no more room on my calendar, but I’m sure she’s cool. He says… make time! I say, Bro… She’ll be cutting into my drinking time, (taken from a line in the movie (‘The Thin Man’) meaning I only got a little time and I need it for me. There was a little more dialog but I’ll spare you the details because I did take his word and aggressive persistence (smile). This angel of a face, scat singing, hard bopping sax player turned my small and confident world upside down. I ain’t the jealous type, but if I was, I’d say how the hell this girl get so damn good and wishing it was me blowing gold like that! Yea, and her name is Grace Kelly

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