Jazz Giant’s

Miles Davis

You’ve heard the term before “Jazz Masters” but what criteria would you use to describe these giant’s of jazz? Cutting edge performances, avant-garde thinkers, leaders of their own groups? Like any sport, a jazz master would be a person who is at the top of their game, someone who brings it every time. Personally I don’t think anyone could name all the jazz masters even if we all tried because our criteria’s would be different. It would be very interesting to hear the names of those musicians who each of us jazz lovers would put into that category.

By all means this list is not in any particular order of importance:

Charlie Parker

Bill Evans

Joe Henderson

Louis Armstrong

Miles Davis

Chet Baker

Lee Morgan

Wayne Shorter

Dinah Washington

John Coltrane

Sarah Vaughn

Freddie Hubbard

Art Blakey

Ron Carter

Chick Corea

Bobby Hutcherson

Billie Holiday

My list leaves a plethora of openings for names to be added. Also my list contains names of musicians who have given us so many years of pleasure or who aren’t with us anymore. While most of us continue to explore a great artist’s music backwards into their former years, who should we be listening to now? Who are the cutting edge newbie’s? This is something that most recently has consumed my thoughts as my search to find, hear, and photograph what I will call, the New Jazz Masters! It only makes sense that they can and will be found, look at all those Hugh footprints left before them to follow.