Ben Vereen

Although one might not think of Ben Vereen as a jazz singer I would have to agree of course. But many jazz festivals try an also give a little entertainment as well. When I realized Broadway Theater Performer, Actor, Singer, Dancer was going to be at this years jazz festival I was looking forward to seeing him. After all, this was the guy that played Chicken George in Alex Haley’s television series from the 70’s “Roots”. This was a no brainer of course and although the performance wasn’t the greatest there were plenty of bright moments to remember. So I attributed this to him getting a little older and his movements weren’t as crisp as a younger Ben Vereen would have produced. But he is a showman and gave us what he had anyway, and for that I’m OK with it. However, the band that he assembled was top notch and I was thinking these cats need to record period!

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