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Dedicated to the artist that are no longer with us: Voices of Silence

Born: April 24th 1937

Died: June 30th 2001

Jazz saxophonists play a heavy roll on the stage and in many cases are the front men for any trio, quartet, quintet, or sextet. The sounds coming from any of the saxes is so distinguishable and pleasant to the ear that there’s a reason it’s a favorite amongst jazz lovers. There are some iconic names in this genre of musical instruments.

Coleman Hawkins was the first to become famously great in the 1920’s and 30’s other notable names of that era were Jimmy Dorsey and Johnny Hodges to did very well with notable big bands. Later we heard the likes of bebop creator Charlie Parker. It wasn’t long after the jazz scene heard the name John Coltrane who to this day is probably the best known jazz name of his peers. When you add other names like Cannonball, Shorter, Rollins, Lester young, or Dexter Gordon these elite jazz giants left some serious footprints for some new generations of jazz saxophonists to follow. Of the new generation artists, I personally became a Hugh fan of Branford Marsalis brother of famed young lion trumpet player Wynton Marsalis.

One of the most unsung heroes of which I really never here his name mentioned with the likes of Trane, Parker, or Shorter, is Jazz Giant Joe Henderson. With his early music start and with various attendance of music schools Henderson was one of the most used saxophonists of all time, not to mention his own assembled albums dating back to the early 60’s. He has to many great compositions and albums to name but two of my all time favorites are 1966 release ‘Mode for Joe’ and the incredible album ‘Relaxin’ at Camarillo’ recorded in 1979


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As a lover of jazz which started in high school I recently decided to photograph the performing artist for which this site is dedicated to, I hope you enjoy!