San Jose Summer Jazz Weekend

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Ok, so San Jose, Ca didn’t inherit the fortune to be situated around water. Nor does its roots grow deep in cosmopolitan splendor like New York; Chicago; DC; or San Francisco it’s neighbor. Albeit it is the third largest city in California and the tenth in the country with a massive area of 180 square miles with a population just short of 1 million residents. San Jose also known as Silicon Valley does however flourish in contrast to most cites as the tech capital of the world. The birth of everything from printers, computers, Intel and AMD chip manufacturers not to mention the iconic brand of Apple. Now blend that with Google, eBay, and Facebook, and it’s legendary tech museum ┬ájust to give you a vivid picture of what San Jose and its surrounding community is about.

But don’t mistake San Jose as only the tech capital because it has a wonderful community of the Arts too. And this year’s San Jose summer jazz fest acts throughout the various city venues and leading up to the memorable Aug 9th thru Aug 11th 2013 Summer Jazz Festival weekend has left everyone in attendance reeling from hard hitting straight ahead jazz to the smoothest of smooth jazz. If you’ve never been to San Jose, come for the tech, but stay for the Jazz!

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As a lover of jazz which started in high school I recently decided to photograph the performing artist for which this site is dedicated to, I hope you enjoy!