George Duke*

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Dedicated to the artist that are no longer with us: Voices of Silence

Born January 12th, 1946

Died August 5th 2013

Today we lost another icon of a great music genre. The funk-master extraordinaire Mr. George Duke has sadly left this heavenly body to soar through the celestial heavens to play a higher performance. I personally as many of you will miss the master keyboardist who bought us so much pleasure in his craft. The versatility of this artist in my humble opinion can only be compared to Miles in his ability explore the boundaries of the unknown and somehow comfort us in his knowledge that you will like it here as all will be good.

My first experience with George’s music goes back to mid 70’s when he was cooking with Stanley Clarke and Billy Cobham and went on to play with a plethora of great artist. And the band played on!


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As a lover of jazz which started in high school I recently decided to photograph the performing artist for which this site is dedicated to, I hope you enjoy!